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Easy Steps to Download Free Garmin Maps on SD Card | Garmin GPS Update

No doubt that it’s far more comfortable to travel to a new place via a navigation device instead of asking about the routes from the passerby. If you are using an old Garmin (that has discontinued), or your device doesn’t have enough space, users can directly download Garmin Maps on SD Card.

The only thing that bothered Garmin users is expensive map updates. That’s why users always look for free map updates. Well, if you are too looking for free map updates for your Garmin, Open Street Maps are the solution.

It does not only save you lots of money but also helps you to enjoy your journey without any trouble. So, if you want more information about How to do it, stay tuned with us in this article.

But first, look at the requirements for Free Download Garmin Map 2020. Let’s have a look before we step forward:

· Stable internet connection

· Completely charged Garmin device

· Micro-SD card

· USB cord to connect Garmin with the system(prefer using the one come along with the device)

· A computer system or laptop with ports

Note: Though Openstreet maps are free and contain all the details, there will be no guarantee for the completeness of the content you downloaded.

How to download free Garmin Maps?

After ensuring all the requirements, you can go for the update process without any stretch. Here we have mentioned step by step instructions to avail of free Garmin maps. Let’s begin:

· First, open your web browser and type in the URL.

· After that, select your map type, and then choose a pre-defined country map, or you can also have an option to customize your Maps according to your requirements.

Note: Users also have an option to request maps through email.

· Once you select, click on the download map now link to initiate the downloading process.

· As soon as downloading is completed, your system will have all the latest Maps in zip file format (never change the file name as it will create issues).

· Put the SD card on your computer and then create a new folder named Garmin.

· Now, move the downloaded map file to the same folder, and once it’s completed, put the SD card back on your Garmin.

· Now, you have all the new maps on your SD card.

That’s how easily anyone can Download Navigation Maps on SD Card or Car. But, the process hasn’t been completed yet. To access the downloaded map features, users need to unlock them first.

Now, let’s move forward towards the unlocking process. All you need to do is follow the steps one by one:

· Once you insert the SD card on your Garmin, turn on the Garmin device.

· Now, scroll the options and look for the setup option.

· After clicking on that option, look for the maps option and click on that.

· Next, look and click on the option says map information.

· Here you will see all the maps that are on your device.

· Now, select the map you want to use, and enable it to use the map.

Note: To avoid any conflict between the maps, you need to disable the old maps.

That’s all you need to do to complete the process of How to Unlock Garmin Map on SD Card. And there you go. You can the latest map updates you have downloaded for your Garmin.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful and worthy. Please leave your queries and feedback in the comments to let us know how you like it.

Hello, I am Robert, live at Florida, USA. I have done Masters in Computer Science and currently doing job in Software Development sector.

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