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How do I Update my Garmin GPS for Free? | Garmin Map Update

Clearly, no one wants to get lost in the middle of a journey. Well, that is why it is always recommended to update your GPS device before you start a new journey.

But, most of the time, Garmin GPS Map Update costs too much. And users are not always willing to pay a large amount for every Garmin update. It doesn’t mean that you can use your Garmin without updating it, don’t do this.

Now the question is how you can update your Garmin gps for free.

Is this possible? Well, definitely yes.

There are many ways to get Garmin maps update for free. One can easily download the latest map updates for free through many authentic ways or by using ways that are out of the box(but they can help a lot).

So, if you are looking for a free Garmin GPS update, this article is for you. Here, we have explained some simple yet effective ways to update your Garmin device without any stretch.

But before we bumped on to the How to do procedure, let’s have a look at the prerequisite you need to take care of:

● Garmin GPS device

● Compatible data cable(comes along with the GPS unit)

● A computer system(Windows of Mac)

● Uninterrupted internet connection

● Micro SD card for extra space

Now, let’s try to understand the procedure of the Garmin map update.

How to update Garmin GPS maps?

Some Garmin models come with free lifetime map updates. So, if you have a lifetime subscription and pre-loaded Garmin maps on your device, you can update your Garmin through the Garmin Express application.

But, if your device is not eligible for a lifetime Garmin map update, the following procedure can help you to download free Garmin maps.

Now, let’s discuss each step one by one to understand the complete procedure.

● Power on the Garmin device and plug it into a computer system by using a USB cable.

● Open a web browser and visit the find map update page.

● Select automotive from the list and then click on the download map updater software.

● Save it on your computer.

Note: Download button will not appear in case your device is not eligible for free map updates.

● Now, click on the downloaded file on your system.

● Once it open, click on the search for the device option and then click on continue.

● After it recognizes the device, it will automatically prompt a message “free map update is available.”

● After that, when you receive a message saying “ready to update a map,” click on continue.

Attention: But before you start updating your device, make sure you have enough space to download the new Garmin map update.

That’s all you need to do.

Once the Garmin GPS update is downloaded successfully, detach the Garmin device from the computer and reboot it. Now, you can enjoy your journey without any trouble.

I hope you find this information on the Garmin gps map update useful. Please do let us know how you find it. And don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section below.

Hello, I am Robert, live at Florida, USA. I have done Masters in Computer Science and currently doing job in Software Development sector.

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